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About Wilds & Associates

Since 1997, Wilds & Associates has grown to be one

of the leading providers of quality products and

services to the Christian community.

Randall Wilds, Founder and CEO

With main offices nestled in the quaint, west central Alabama town of Kennedy, Wilds & Associates is a conglomerate of companies specializing in Gospel music promotions and the manufacture of promotional products. For more than twenty years, Wilds & Associates has faithfully served the Gospel music industry and Christian marketplace.


A native of Greeneville, Tennessee, Randall Wilds is the youngest of seven siblings. As an ambitious twelve-year-old boy, he landed his first job working part-time at the neighborhood convenience store after school and during the summer. Two years later he began working at the local Western Sizzlin’ restaurant busing tables and washing dishes. At the age of seventeen, he was promoted to Assistant Manager.


By 1995, Wilds had owned four independent restaurants and operated his own Golden Corral franchise. His years of experience in the restaurant business afforded him a wealth of management expertise and social skills that would later prove beneficial to his success in the Gospel music industry.


But, as is the case with most success stories, there were some very painful moments along the way. Shortly after moving to Clanton, Alabama in 1989, Randall married and started a family. With a wife, a son, a new home, five vehicles, two pets and a hefty bank account, it seemed he had attained the “picture perfect” life. However, he eventually fell into a deep depression and turned to alcohol as a way of escape. Sadly, the battle with alcoholism ended up costing him everything he had ever worked for. He lost his restaurant business, his money, his home, his vehicles… and his family.


It was during this dark period of his life, however, that God began to orchestrate events and acquaintances that would set him on a path to redemption and restoration. As he began to pick up the broken pieces of his life, he accepted a job offer from a Gospel singer who was preparing to launch a solo ministry in April of 1996. He pulled double duty as both road manager and office assistant for John Lanier Ministries.


Just a few weeks after helping launch John Lanier Ministries, Randall’s life would be radically changed forever. In his own words, he shares “I will never forget that first Sunday morning in May. We were at a little country church in Alabama where John was scheduled to sing. I sat on the back row. John sang and the Pastor preached. I was at my wits end and cried throughout the entire service. The pastor gave a final invitation and was about to close the service when I literally jumped up and RAN to the altar and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I cannot begin to explain the weight that was lifted off my soul that day, and I have never been the same since.”


Not only did Randall surrender his life to the Lord that day, he also surrendered to the call of ministry. “I am not a preacher or musician, and I sure can’t sing. But I had come to realize that God doesn’t do anything by accident, and that he had me involved in Gospel music for a reason,” he shares.


Under Randall’s management, John Lanier Ministries continued to prosper and by August was accommodating a full-time schedule. In November they relocated to Millport, AL and established offices there.


In January 1997, while still working with John Lanier Ministries, Randall opened West Alabama Shirt Prints, offering custom printed and embroidered casualwear to Gospel groups and Christian organizations at wholesale prices.


Two years later, he established New City Talent, a Christian talent agency providing a new “home” to many artists seeking professional representation and booking assistance. His goal was to further the Gospel through the ministries of talented Christian recording artists. Today, New City Talent is one of the industry’s leading agencies, representing such noted artists as Aaron Wilburn, The Steeles, The Singing Cookes, Sunday Drive and others. During the early 2000s, New City Talent sponsored concert events throughout the U.S. to benefit Feed the Children, an international charity organization that provides humanitarian aid around the world.


While the agency was still young, Wilds invested in an independent record label originally created by John Lanier in 1993, thus forming a business partnership. This joint venture prospered a single, independent label into a full service, multi-level recording company. Millennium Music Group offers quality, affordable recording and promotional services to both new and established artists in the field of Christian music.


As if he weren’t busy enough, Randall decided to organize an annual Gospel music cruise as the fourth division of his ever-growing company. Victory Voyage Cruises feature live concert performances every evening from some of the top names in Gospel music. It has been dubbed “the ultimate Christian family cruise vacation.” The first Victory Voyage set sail for The Bahamas in 1999. Since then, other destinations have included Mexico, the Western Caribbean, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.


With four growing entities and several employees now under his management, it became necessary for Randall to come off the road in order to efficiently maintain the company now operating under the umbrella of New City Promotions & Talent.

By the late 1990s the Internet had propagated the world wide web and was quickly becoming the latest trend in media and communications technology. Seeing great potential in the Internet and the possible benefits of having a visible presence on “the web,” Randall hired a web design firm to create and maintain websites for each of his four companies. But by late 2001, he started his own web design company. Today, WebWorx Hosting continues to offer affordable web hosting, domain registration, and web design tools with a variety of options and features.


To accommodate increased expansion of the company and the addition of full and part-time personnel, Wilds relocated to larger facilities in the neighboring town of Kennedy, Alabama in 2005. It was then the name of the parent company was changed to Wilds & Associates.

W and A Office edit Feb 19.jpg

That same year Wilds & Associates organized and promoted what is known today as Gospel Music FanFair. This annual six-day mega concert event features a variety of talent from new artists to living legends - with more than 100 artists performing throughout the week. Gospel music fans gather from all over to enjoy morning worship services, daily showcases, afternoon matinees and spectacular evening concerts. Perhaps, one of highlights of the week is the annual Gospel Music Fan Awards. In addition to the annual Gospel Music FanFair, Wilds & Associates presents a number of other concert events in select locations throughout the year.


The year 2006 saw two new additions to the Wilds & Associates conglomerate. In July, C & R Duplication, an established east Tennessee based CD and DVD duplication plant, was purchased by Wilds and relocated to the present facilities.


Created and co-founded with John Lanier as a conservative Christian music and lifestyle publication, Christian Voice Magazine debuted its first issue in September 2006. Dubbed as “Your source for information and inspiration,” the monthly publication provides coverage of the latest news and major events in Gospel music. The magazine also features artist interviews, inspirational columns, music charts, and editorials relating to faith and family values. Christian Voice Magazine offers both digital and print editions and is available by mail subscription or can be purchased at select Christian retailers nationwide. Since 2007, Christian Voice Magazine has proudly presented the Gospel Music Fan Awards every year during the week of Gospel Music FanFair.


As a supplemental companion to Christian Voice Magazine, Wilds & Associates premiered Christian Voice Radio in January of 2018 – the newest addition to the conglomerate. Christian Voice Radio is an Internet radio station streaming live 24/7, playing “The best mix and biggest variety of Christian music from yesterday and today.” The station also features a variety of inspirational teaching and preaching programs, talk shows, and even radio theatre.


Wilds & Associates continues to thrive under the capable executive leadership of Mr. Randall Wilds. But he is always quick to acknowledge that it’s only God’s grace and guidance that has made it all possible. He also realizes that no man stands alone in his efforts and is eternally grateful for the people God has placed in his path, and for those who serve diligently with him.


Randall’s warm personality and charisma has gained him friends all over the country, and Wilds & Associates has earned the respect of the Gospel music industry. He states, “I give God all the glory and honor for what He has allowed us to accomplish for his name’s sake. With much prayer and dedication, we continue to move forward.”

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