Recording & Marketing

Millennium Music Group is pleased to offer professional recording and promotional opportunities with a variety of quality and affordable services to both new and established artists in the field of Christian music.


With many options available, we have recording packages to suit most any budget.
Our services include:
● Full service, state of the art recording facilities
● Digital and analog recording with the latest technology
● Professional studio musicians and background vocalists
● Professional engineers and producers
● Professional, commercial photography and graphics design
● Top quality CD and DVD duplication


Assistance with promotion, including:
● Ads in Gospel music publications
● Wholesale distribution to Gospel music retailers nationwide
● Radio single releases to over 1,000 terrestrial (AM/FM) and Internet streaming radio stations



Radio airplay allows music ministries a greater opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is essentially vital to the success and longevity of one's career as a recording artist. Radio exposure is a contributing factor in creating greater demand for artists in new areas, thereby expanding their ministries to a growing fan base. Millennium Music Group can assist you with increased radio rotation and marketing techniques. (View some of our satisfied clients HERE.)


Help Artist in selecting single
Produce high quality, professional compilations
Distribute compilation to over 1000 radio stations nationwide
Call stations for the purpose of getting rotation and charting
Provide a detailed report to the artist which includes: city, state, rotation, charting information, and DJ comments
Send out promotional flyers to charting stations
Communicate with DJs via fax, email, and postcards to promote the single
Help with marketing decisions
Help design ads for publications

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to both the artists and the radio stations in our united effort to get the Gospel story to the world through Christian music ministry.



We are proud to provide your excellent radio station with some of the finest Gospel music available today. For more information, please log in to our radio service area HERE. Please note: This area is provided for our professional radio industry partners and is password protected.

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