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Representing Christian Music Ministry

in the New Millennium

With previous experience in the line of tour coordination and personal management, Randall Wilds opened the doors of New City Talent in 1999. His goal is to further the gospel through the ministries of fine Christian artists. Representing such recognized artists as Aaron Wilburn, The Steeles, The Singing Cookes, and Sunday Drive - among others - has made New City Talent one of the leading agencies in Gospel music.  Randall and his staff are always eager to work with pastors and promoters to fulfill talent needs for churches, auditoriums, fairs and other venues. Contact us for more information or to secure any of the outstanding artists New City represents. We will assist you in every way possible to help ensure a successful concert event.

Aaron Wilburn

Ava Kasich


John Lanier

Kevin Spencer

Perry Sisters


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Singing Cookes sm.jpg

Singing Cookes

Steeles sm.jpg


Sunday Drive

Violet Maynard Family

Sons Family sm.jpg

Sons Family

Singing Echoes

Troy Richardson


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