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Singing Echoes

The Singing Echoes were established in 1969 with the original members consisting of Max, Lela, Lynn, Gary & Debbie Epperson. Many songs have been introduced by the group in its 50 year tenure, but most noteworthy are It's Enough, Think I'm Excited, Somebody's Here, and Wake Up to Sleep No More.  Wake Up granted the Singing Echoes a Grammy Nomination for their arrangement of the song, the same arrangement popularly known throughout the industry as sang by almost any Southern Gospel quartet at one time or another.  The group has either influenced or had a part in bringing to light many talented artists and songwriters such as Anthony Burger, Squire Parsons, Gerald Sweatman, Dee Gaskin, Tony Gore, and Darlene Fowler.                                                                                                                      
Few groups in the industry pack as many musicians and singers on the stage each night as this family group, nor can they possibly match the excitement level this group brings to each concert.  Bill Bailey, a prominent Southern Gospel Music Promoter, once said..."You don't listen to the Singing Echoes, You EXPERIENCE The Singing Echoes!"  The Tradition continues with Gary, Debbie, and Lynn with all their children traveling on the road with the Singing Echoes; Adam, Joshua, and Matthew - respectively.  The fourth generation has been introduced through Joshua's son Jonah. 

When you come to a Singing Echoes Concert, you can expect to "experience" a live band with some of the most talented musicians traveling on the road today, hear Spirit Filled singing peppered with heart filled testimonies from each member.  They have been tagged as "The Most Exciting Group in Gospel Music."  You be the judge.... Come "Experience The Singing Echoes."


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