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Representing Christian Music Ministry

in the New Millennium

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One commonly held opinion among music fans is that there is no sweeter sound than family harmony. Expectation is one of those rare, precious gems. Representing three generations, Margie Tanner, her daughter Robin Springs and grandson Joshua Springs make up this beloved family ministry.


The Family

Born and raised in Hemingway, South Carolina, Margie and her husband, Roger, gave their lives to Jesus during their first year of marriage and have been committed to ministry ever since. Both were raised in musically talented families. Margie comes from a large family, growing up with nine other siblings - all singers and musicians. She says her fondest childhood memories are of the family gathering for hours, singing and playing music. “My dad taught me to play guitar when I was very young. He had a great love for music, so all of us kids had a great teacher.”


“It’s such a blessing to see how our musical heritage is being carried on with our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,” she continues. “When we all get together several times a year for special occasions, we still have a grand musical time.”


Roger and Margie have two grown children with families of their own. Their son, Timothy, is a military and prison chaplain. He and his wife Jackie live in Palestine, Illinois. In addition to their daughter, Kendalyn, as foster parents they have adopted a boy, Ezekiel, and a girl, Zendaya. They are currently providing foster care for other children in their home. For Tim and Jackie, being foster parents is more than just providing basic needs for children - it’s a ministry they take very seriously as they sow into precious, young lives.


Roger and Margie’s daughter, Robin, lives in Kennedy, Alabama. She is the soprano voice of the group and the proud mother of her son, Joshua, who sings baritone. He and his wife Chelsea currently reside in the little town of Stamping Ground, Kentucky.


The Music & Ministry

Although Margie loved to sing, she believed there was more to her ministry than music. “I answered the call to preach and became an ordained minister in 1983,” she explains. “I evangelized for several years, preaching and singing, and later pastored a church in my home town of Hemingway, South Carolina for thirteen years. Our children were very much a part of the church music program there with Timothy on the drums, and Robin singing.”


Performing in church, and in festivals and other events, Robin has been singing since about the age of four. She became a Christian as a child, and music and ministry has always been a huge part of her life. Influenced by the Country music sound of Patsy Cline, she admits she loves that Country style of Gospel music. She loves to sing songs that tell a story, and she brings a lot of energy and excitement to the stage.

Joshua was practically born into the ministry and began singing publicly at a very early age. He surrendered his life to the Lord as a young boy and with a genuine love for Christ and ministry, he remarks, “I want to make a difference in our world today and try to reach the youth.”


As a gifted songwriter, Margie became acquainted with The Eddie Crook Company in Nashville. It was during this time that she and Robin came together to form Expectation, and they ended up recording two projects with the record company. In 1998, they launched a full-time ministry and today the family trio tours the nation making concert appearances and preaching revivals. In 2006, the family relocated from South Carolina to Alabama where their ministry continues.


Margie says, “It has been amazing to see God work in so many wonderful ways.” And, she adds, “I will confess that traveling so much can be very tiring. But seeing lives touched and changed by the Holy Spirit everywhere we go makes every mile worthwhile.”


Margie, Robin and Joshua are quick to gratefully acknowledge Roger’s faithfulness as a vital part of the ministry. “Daddy has always been a great support of the ministry,” Robin mentions. “He loves God with all his heart and contributes to the ministry in many ways, including sound engineer and driver.”


One of the highlights for the family was a mission trip to Jamaica, where they all had the opportunity to minister to the people there in many ways. They say it was a life-changing experience for them, and they hope to return again in the near future.


The Miracles

Roger, Margie, Robin and Joshua have each been touched by the miraculous healing hand of God, and with every opportunity given they share what God has done in their lives as a testimony of God’s power and goodness.


Robin was born blind and doctors said she would never have sight, but God gave her a miracle. As a result of a tick bite, Roger suffered with Lyme disease. Doctors said he would suffer a list of problems and symptoms for the rest of his life. But God healed him and he has not had one symptom since. After a car accident, x-rays showed Margie’s left kidney was destroyed and must be removed. But after much prayer, God healed her in the night, and doctors were amazed. Joshua died during a Sunday night worship service when he was only four years old. The medical professional on the scene verified he had no pulse and no heartbeat. But, after prayer, God raised him back to life.


Margie states, “These are the true testimonies we love to share, encouraging people to believe God for the impossible because nothing is impossible with God! He is still the miracle-worker!”


Great Expectations!

The name “Expectation” originates with the words of Paul and Timothy in Philippians 1:20, “According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body.”


This well-defines the mission of Expectation. They know in whom they believe and therefore proclaim the glorious Gospel with boldness without shame, filled with hope, and expecting God to do what His Word save, to heal, to deliver and set the captives free!


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