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Representing Christian Music Ministry

in the New Millennium

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Singing Cookes

Cooke Brothers

A true love story between two individuals who have spent a lifetime together building a strong family ministry perfectly describes The Singing Cookes. Two guitars, a dream, a lot of faith and love began a singing ministry now spanning more than 55 years. Jeanette and Hubert Cooke - one a coal miner and the other a minister’s daughter met one night at the church where Jeanette’s father pastored and a legacy began.


Hubert Cooke in his early years was a member of a bluegrass band called the Ramblin’ Mountain Boys, and Jeanette accompanied her father with guitar to provide musical support for his church services. After the two met and later married, Hubert soon decided that God was calling him away from the coal mines and into a full time ministry for he and wife. After a lot of prayer the couple answered the call into full time musical evangelism. These two individuals combined the sweet sounds of Bluegrass with the spiritual influence of Gospel to develop their own style of music that we still enjoy today.


In the early years it was just Hubert and Jeanette with their guitars. But as their family grew, so did their ministry. Their son James joined to play the bass guitar, and later, sons Donny and Ronny would add keyboard and drums. What began as The Cooke Duet had become a complete family ministry known as The Singing Cookes.


In today’s world it is not common to find a family that can travel together weekly, live in the same vicinity, work together and still live in harmony with each other. This lifestyle is just what The Singing Cookes have accomplished their entire life - a family knitted together in harmony because of their love for God and for each other.


When reflecting over the years of ministry and asked if there might be anything she’d do differently, Jeanette answered,  “Honey, I don’t know of a thing that I would do different. God has been good to us over the years and always provided everything we needed. I feel that in the first years Hubert and I traveled Jesus smiled on us, and He has blessed us ever since. He blessed me with a strong voice to sing and I have never had any trouble with my voice at all. All the praise to God, He has always provided the means and the places to minster.”


In a world of constant change, consistency has been a key element of continued success and longevity for the musical family.  Their sound has remained uniquely identifiable and their musical style has never changed. “We are just like we were when we started out,” Jeanette mentions. “We have remained constant in our style adding new songs as God gives them, but our musical style has remained the same.”

The boys formed their own group called The Cooke Brothers. They are a dynamic trio with that great harmony that can only be found with brothers. They, too, have been successful with fan-favorites like “Chiseled in Stone” and “Go Rest High on that Mountain.” The Cooke Brothers still travel with mom and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Due to heart failure, Hubert passed away on March 12, 2018, only four days away from his 84th birthday. In an earlier interview, Jeannette revealed her thoughts when singing one of her favorite songs entitled, Our First Day In Heaven. She said, “I picture in my mind how precious it will be when we [Hubert and I] join hands and finally walk together down the streets of gold in Heaven.”


Until that day, Jeannette, James, Donny and Ronny will carry on the legacy that began nearly sixty years ago with two guitars, a dream, a lot of faith, and love.

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