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Representing Christian Music Ministry

in the New Millennium

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Danny and Phyllis Schofield have devoted their entire lives to fulfilling the call that God placed inside their hearts. They are a shining example of what it means to “sell out” for God.


Both Danny and Phyllis accepted Christ at a young age and grew up in very similar homes traveling the country ministering with their families. For the past 25 years, they have traveled and ministered together as a husband/wife evangelistic team.


To The Schofields, there is much more to a song than mere entertainment. “A song touches a part of us that nothing else touches,” Danny mentions. “It allows us to express ourselves in a testimony to others and allows us to worship God in a way that we might not otherwise be able.”


Testimony and worship are the primary elements of The Schofields’ ministry, and it is their testimony that motivates their worship. Danny explains, “We were in our early twenties and went through a time where it seemed that we lived in tragedy. We lost three infant children over a period of four years, and Phyllis almost died twice during this time. For several years it felt like everything we touched died. The final blow came when we were told there would be no children. We found that even the strongest person will eventually be worn down if they face enough defeat. That’s when the enemy begins the mental attacks. He never attacks when Christians are at their strongest, but waits until you are down. We have always been very positive people but toward the end of that time we became very different. The depression we faced was much more than just having a bad day or feeling sad because something happened. It was like living inside a dark cloud that you couldn’t see any way out of. For a few years we just couldn’t see past the storm we were living inside. It was as if it would never end.”


Danny and Phyliss admit that, for a time, they gave up hope. Danny recalls, “I remember reading the promises in Deuteronomy 28 and thinking this scripture must be for other people. It is a hard place to be in when all hope for the future is gone.”


But even in such hopeless despair, the couple found Psalm 46:1 to be a statement of faith they held on to - God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. “The one thing that NEVER changed through all this was JESUS! Danny says. “There are times you don’t have the strength to pick yourself up - but HE does.” He goes on to explain that God sent friends that literally saved their lives.


For some, this kind of hopeless despair would have resulted in utter destruction. But for The Schofields, the tragic storms and dark trials they survived has served to strengthen their faith, their marriage, and their ministry. They are better equipped to minister to others who are suffering similar circumstances. Danny shares, “If you are in that place, don’t give up on Jesus. If possible, spend time around Christians, go to church, and be in God’s presence. Remember, there is still healing and restoration in His presence.”


God has rewarded The Schofields’ faithfulness with many new opportunities and they are seeing a great harvest as a result of their labors of love. For the past fourteen years, their ministry has expanded into the mission field of Jamaica. Working with Pastor Henry Trowers,  they make annual mission trips there. Additionally, throughout the year they collect and ship baby and children’s clothing and supplies there which is distributed to those in need under Pastor Trowers’ supervision.


Danny and Phyliss say that the people of Jamaica seem genuinely hungry for God. Danny shares, “They really depend on God for everything. They go to church expecting God to meet their needs. We have seen many miracles happen. It’s exciting because you don’t know what God’s going to do next!”


In contrast, The Schofields are convinced that America needs a revival. “A close, personal relationship with God is essential,” Danny says. “We must keep our vision and purpose clear. The enemy works overtime to cause problems that are designed to get our focus off our relationship with God. If we shift our focus from the Master onto the problem, we begin to sink like Peter did when he walked on the water. The church can only march forward when our eyes are on the Master.”


Danny and Phyllis are sold out to Christ and have never been more committed to the ministry as they are these days. They’re excited about their future and are looking ahead to a busy schedule in 2019. Danny says, “Everything we are and everything we do is because He has called us to go out and work for Him. If it looks like we are having fun doing what we do - it is because there is joy in serving Him!”


The Schofields are transparent - what you see is what you get, on and off stage. Their ministry is anointed and their outreach is bringing positive results. Their neighborly, down-to-earth personalities have endeared them to friends and fans around the country. It’s no wonder they were voted ‘Favorite Duet’ in the 2015 Gospel Music Fan Awards and was a top nominee in the 2016 Diamond Awards for ‘Duo of the Year.’


The Schofields are reaching out and making a difference.


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