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Representing Christian Music Ministry

in the New Millennium

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In 1952 family matriarch, Bernice Scott, organized the group in the family’s living room in Franklin, Virginia. There were eleven children in the family and although they have not all sung at the same time in the group, each has sung in the group at one time or another.


In the beginning, The Scotts sang in their home church where their father was the pastor, but soon they were invited to other local churches and events. Over the years their ministry expanded and in 1988, Tim Greene recorded them on Gloryland Records. Later, Jeannie says, “We released our first single to radio in 1993. It was a song that Jerry wrote entitled Praise Your Name and it climbed to #61 on the national radio charts.”


When you see them in person, you’ll hear a mixture of Southern Gospel and Black Gospel with a little flavor of R&B. They have high energy in their performances and you can tell God is definitely in their lives. You can sense God’s anointing on their lives and flowing through their music. Terry said, “One thing you’ll always get with the Scotts is a live band.” With Randolph on keyboard, Carl on bass guitar, and Terry on drums, there is an excitement and sound that is undeniable.


This is not just a group with a great past, but a family of singers that is stronger and better than ever. You can count on seeing them continue to make a huge impact on Gospel music in the days ahead. Jeannie said, “We are doing this for ministry, not for our glory. We want to put God first. The message in our songs has caught on and that’s what we are all about.”

2019 looks like a busy year for this exciting, energetic group. The Scotts have a purpose, they have their priorities right, and they have a real a heart for ministry.

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