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Set sail to fabulous destinations while enjoying live Gospel music, gourmet meals, family fun and so much more.

Welcome aboard!

Imagine a vacation on the high seas with gourmet meals, a tropical atmosphere and the adventure of a lifetime... and this is just the beginning! Combine all of this with live Gospel music and you have more than just a vacation offer. Sailing on Carnival "Fun Ships" to exciting destinations since 1999, the annual Victory Voyage cruise features live performances from some of today's finest Christian artists.







The safety and security of our guests is Carnival's top priority. Our excellent record of safe operation throughout Carnival's 40-plus year history, and the comprehensive safety standards we continue to live up to every day, proves that commitment. Our ships operate in full compliance with - and in many cases exceed - all U.S. and international safety regulations. Here are just a few examples of what we do to ensure a safe environment for our guests and crew members, while maintaining our excellent record of safety:


  • All Carnival officers and crew undergo comprehensive regular safety and emergency training that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

  • Our crew members undergo specific training to handle emergency situations and help our guests. Crew roles, responsibilities and duties are clearly defined and assigned to handle any emergency on board.

  • The average sea farer experience of our captains is 32.6 years (23.6 years with Carnival Cruise Line and nine years prior to joining us).

  • All Carnival ships are designed and operated in compliance with strict requirements of international law, which ensure that they are able to remain safe under a variety of adverse conditions.

  • All of our ships are equipped with the most advanced navigation technology, and our officers are expertly trained in its use. As part of our comprehensive bridge team management system, we always have multiple people on the bridge watch.

  • Carnival ship undergoes an inspection as mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard every 3-6 months, which verifies safety processes and procedures. In addition, a third-party organization conducts annual inspections of the ship and our safety processes.


Additionally, it is our normal procedure to conduct a mandatory lifeboat drill at the start of every voyage. The purpose of the drill is to ensure that guests know where to go and what to do in case of emergency. On Carnival Cruise Line's ships, the drill is normally conducted prior to sailing.

Our lifeboats are tested during regularly-scheduled drills to make certain that they are in proper working order. Lifeboats carry survival kits with food and water, first aid supplies, and signaling and communication devices. Additionally, we conduct a full scale lifeboat exercise every month, where we simulate emergency conditions and our technical teams practice all operational procedures. Our life boats are routinely inspected, tested and certified by a third-party organization.

We also ensure that the number of lifejackets, lifeboats and life rafts on each Carnival ship exceed the number required, based on the ship's maximum capacity for passengers and crew.

Any allegation of a serious crime committed aboard a Carnival ship sailing from North America is immediately reported to law enforcement in accordance with the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010. As required by US law, you may view statistics related to the allegation of crimes aboard all cruise lines on the US Department of Transportation website . Note that the statistics include all allegations, even those from cases where investigations later found the allegation to be untrue. Also, to interpret the statistics properly, keep in mind that Carnival carries more guests than any other cruise line - more than four million per year.





Guests are required to be 21 years of age (on embarkation day) to travel on their own. Guest ages will be verified at embarkation. Guests not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided at embarkation.

Guests Under the Age of 21 MUST travel with a relative or guardian of 25 years of age or older

  • The guardian does not need to be a legal guardian.

  • The bookings must be cross-referenced with the relative or guardian’s stateroom and documented properly.

  • Guests who are 21 to 24 years of age may travel with their minor children.

  • Minors Traveling Together: The policy is slightly different because of stricter guidelines as follows:

    • Must have 1 chaperone for every 8 minors

    • Prepaid gratuities per minor are due at final payment

    • 8 or more staterooms must be booked through the Group Department and a $100 damage deposit per minor will be charged.  




When traveling with a minor where one parent or both parents or legal guardians are not cruising, we strongly recommend bringing an original signed letter from the absent parent(s) or legal guardians authorizing the minor to travel with you. This will expedite processing by the Department of Homeland Security.


Where minor guests can be booked in relation to relative or guardian:

  • Guests 12 and younger
    If the relative or guardian insists on booking separate staterooms, minors must either be directly across the hall or next door. Guests 12 and under may not be assigned to a balcony stateroom without a relative or guardian (25 years of age or older).

  • Guests 13 - 17 years of age
    Can be separated by up to 3 staterooms from a relative or guardian (25 years of age or older).

  • Guests 18 – 20 years of age
    Do not have any restrictions and may book whatever location they prefer. 


Exceptions: Guests under the age of 21 may travel without a relative or guardian of 25 years of age or older under the following conditions:

Legally married couples:

  • Proper documentation must be provided at embarkation. Failure to provide documentation or not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided.

  • Documentation includes: marriage license issued by the County Clerk’s Office; legal proof of civil union; for newly married couples: a copy of the marriage license application or certificate signed by the official that performed the ceremony.

Qualified Military Personnel:

  • Applies to US Military Personnel and Canadian National Defense personnel (and their traveling companions in the same stateroom) of 18 – 20 years of age.

  • Copy of proof of service must be provided at embarkation. Failure to provide documentation or not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided.




Cruise fares are per person which includes children and infants. When traveling with 2 full fare guests, additional guests in the same stateroom pay a discounted cruise fare. Children less than 2 years of age are not required to extend gratuities.  


Infants must be at least 6 months of age at the time of embarkation in order to sail. Children must be at least 12 months of age at the time of embarkation to sail on trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries, where there are more than 2 consecutive sea days.


This policy is in place due to the infant's vulnerable health. While at sea or in port the availability of medical care may be limited or delayed. Early infant care, in particular may require specialized diagnostic facilities and/or treatment that are not obtainable during the cruise on board the ship or ashore in ports of call.



Guest understands and acknowledges that in addition to the limitations in medical care described in Clause 2(a) of the cruise ticket contract, prenatal and early infant care, in particular, may require specialized diagnostic facilities and/or treatment that are not obtainable during the cruise on board the ship and/or ashore in ports of call. Therefore, any Guest who has entered, or who will at any time during the cruise enter, the 24th week of estimated gestational age in her pregnancy, agrees not to book a cruise or board the ship.

Due to limitations of medical care, both on board and in various ports of call, women who have entered or exceeded their 24th week of pregnancy, at any time during the cruise, will not be allowed to board or sail with the ship. Accordingly, I hereby acknowledge and agree that I will not enter my 24th week of pregnancy before or at any time during my cruise. I understand and agree that any pregnant woman who tries to board the vessel, who has or will enter her 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age at any time during the cruise, risks denial of boarding and/or disembarkation without compensation or refund.



Carnival Cruise Line is dedicated to the safety of all guests and crew. We want all our guests to have a safe, fun and memorable vacation. 


Smoking is a fire and safety hazard on a ship. Consequently, it is strictly limited to specific exterior deck areas. All guests are expected to adhere to the following safety guidelines:


  • All staterooms and suite accommodations, including outside balconies, are NON-SMOKING. This policy applies to all forms of smoking, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and marijuana. 


  • Carnival recognizes that some state and local governments in the U.S., and in the destinations we visit, might allow marijuana use. However, Carnival Cruise Line follows U.S. federal law, which strictly prohibits possession and use of recreational/medicinal marijuana and other illegal controlled substances.  


  • Any violation of this policy will result in a $500 charge, per violation, posted on the guest’s Sail & Sign® account and may also result in the disembarkation of all guests in the stateroom.  


  • Guests who are disembarked for violating our policy will be responsible for all financial charges and expenses to return home, and no refund of their unused cruise fare will be provided. Additionally, they may be prohibited from sailing with Carnival Cruise Line in the future. 



Carnival has implemented a "No Visitors" policy for the entire fleet. This applies to all ports of embarkation and ports of call. Guests sailing on our cruises will not be permitted to have visitors on board to see them off. We have changed this policy to improve our overall security program and enhance the onboard experience for our guests during embarkation day.                                                


The following exception applies to this policy: Wedding Guests attending a passenger's ceremony/reception or guests attending any type of party/reception on board that has been previously arranged by the Bon Voyage/Wedding Services Department will follow the policies stated by this Department. 


Formal dress or casual resort wear is required in the Dining Room. The dress requirement for children is the same. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code.


Gentlemen - Sport slacks, khakis, jeans (no cut-offs), dress shorts (long), collared sport shirts;

Ladies - Casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses, Capri pants, dress shorts, jeans (no cut-offs).

Not permitted in the dining room during the Cruise Casual dinner for ladies and gentlemen: gym shorts, basketball shorts, beach flip-flops, bathing suit attire, cut-off jeans, and sleeveless shirts for men.



The ship has 2 self-service launderettes located on the stateroom decks. There are two or three washers and dryers, and one iron and ironing board in each launderette. In addition to self-service launderettes, there is a valet laundry service on board; dry cleaning is not available.





Should a guest require medical attention while aboard the ship, the Infirmary staff is available to assist 24 hours a day. The Infirmary is equipped to treat minor non-emergency matters. Physicians are available to render services at a customary fee. While at sea or in port, the availability of medical care may be limited.


The Medical Infirmary on board has daily office hours which are listed in the Carnival Capers. The medical staff is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies.


A charge for medical services will be billed to the guest's Sail and Sign Account and a receipt will be provided for the guest to submit to their insurance company upon return for possible reimbursement. 


The physicians on board are independent contractors and are entitled to render services at a customary fee. The basic fee does NOT include medication, tests or treatment.



Motion Sickness: Complimentary Meclizine (Bonine) is available from the Infirmary, Room Service or the Information Desk. A motion sickness shot can be administered to those who are actively vomiting, but not as preventive medicine; there is a fee for the shot. The Infirmary does not have motion sickness patches nor wristbands. 


Over-the-Counter medications for cold, cough, upset stomach or other minor illnesses can be purchased at the Infirmary from 8:00am-8:00pm. In addition, the shops on board may carry some of these items. 


Prescription drugs and vitamins may not be readily available either on board the ship or in the ports-of-call.  




In order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our guests, our infirmaries meet or exceed the standards established by the International Council of Cruise Lines and the American College of Emergency Physicians.


Our infirmaries are staffed by qualified physicians and nurses who are committed to providing the highest quality of shipboard medical care. Each ship in the fleet carries one doctor and three nurses.

In addition to standard lifesaving equipment such as defibrillators and external pacemakers, our infirmaries carry some of the latest in medical technology including thrombolytic therapy, electrocardiograph machines, lab equipment, pulse oxymeters and x-ray machines on many of our ships.




For those guests who want the option of staying connected to the rest of the world, we proudly offer access to the internet in our onboard Internet Cafés and wireless networks using the ships own satellite connection. The Internet Café is open 24-hours a day and features private terminals with the latest flat panel computer monitors.




For our guest's convenience, the ship's telecommunications network offers direct dialing via satellite from the staterooms telephone. This is available 24 hours a day regardless of the ship's location. This service is closed on the final day of the cruise at 4:00AM. All charges are billed to the guest's on board Sail and Sign Card. Since all communication is via satellite, guests cannot use calling cards, credit cards, dial 800 toll-free numbers nor make a collect calls. Instructions and rates can be found in the cabin's directory.

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